Remote Monitoring for
Uptime, Performance

SureVigil: Essential for
Mission Critical
Applications and Services

SureVigil: Deep Validation with
Proactive Alerts and Reports

Improves Business

SureVigil: Reliable Operation,
Improved Customer Satisfaction

SureVigil: Built on SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory Compliant
Enterprise Gateway

SureVigil: Reports Support
Affordable Care Act
Performance Audits

BNETAL: Trusted Advisors on
National Health IT
and Security Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business


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Business Networks International (BNETAL) offers a flexible licensing model that makes it easy to procure SureVigil® monitoring based on your business needs. Some models that are offered:
  • Service Models:
    • Monitoring Frequency and Volume based pricing
    • Bulk pricing
  • Product Models:
    • SureVigil license
    • SureDeliver add-on license
We will be happy to answer your licensing inquiries. Please email us at Please be sure to provide your contact information. We will respond by email or phone as quickly as possible.