Remote Monitoring for
Uptime, Performance

SureVigil: Essential for
Mission Critical
Applications and Services

SureVigil: Deep Validation with
Proactive Alerts and Reports

Improves Business

SureVigil: Reliable Operation,
Improved Customer Satisfaction

SureVigil: Built on SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory Compliant
Enterprise Gateway

SureVigil: Reports Support
Affordable Care Act
Performance Audits

BNETAL: Trusted Advisors on
National Health IT
and Security Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

SureVigil® Major Benefits for IT Leaders

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  • Improves relaible operation and business continuity
  • Helps identify performance trends and performance spikes over extended periods of time
  • Gives you an external perspective of how trading partners and users are finding access to your web services and web applications
  • End-to-end uptime and performance monitoring from an external perspective can help identify issues at the edge of your enterprise that are not visible to internal monitoring tools
  • Reports generated by SureVigil can be used to support your regulatory compliance audits
  • Proactive approach to handling system down (before your customers report it)
  • Is platform independent - supported on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Hence this can be deployed across a wide array of sites and partners.
  • Comes to you fully backed by a highly experienced security team to support the product.

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