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What is SureVigil®?
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BNETAL SureVigil® is a new service for remote and continuous monitoring of health data exchange server uptime, performance and reliable continuous operation. This service will help you proactively respond to problems in connectivity and security of your mission critical Health Insurance, Healthcare or Public Health Network Server based applications by performing in-depth validation of your services for proper run time operation.

Typical monitoring tools only verify transport level availability, and when used from inside an enterprise, these do not help detect network failures at the edge of the enterprise. With its robust implementation of health data exchange standards, SureVigil® performs continuous monitoring not just for transport but also message security, message envelope and processing errors, up-time and response.

SureVigil® is fully equipped to monitor generic web servers and web-services for uptime and performance of real-time request handling. Additionally, its robust implementation of healthcare data exchange standards enables SureVigil® to monitor Healthcare, Health Insurance and Public Health data exchange servers for efficient, reliable and continuous operation, which improves operational reliability, and helps address regulatory requirements for reliability and performance, such as requirements that Health Plans must meet for compliance with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Using BNETAL's SureDeliver® robust and secure platform as the underlying technology, SureVigil® now enables monitoring of servers that implement many of the healthcare standards, including CAQH® CORE® Connectivity (for ACA Section 1104 compliance), CDC PHIN, NCPDP, and NwHIN Exchange standards.

How can SureVigil® help me?
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SureVigil® service will help you monitor, record, and proactively respond to problems in connectivity and security of your mission-critical Health Insurance, Healthcare or Public Health applications that are hosted on Internet-facing network servers. Here are some specific scenarios describing the problem:

  • You have health data exchange servers (e.g., those implementing CAQH® CORE® Connectivity Rule, CDC PHIN standards, NwHIN Exchange, NCPDP Connectivity etc) accessed 24/7/365 by your trading partners outside your organization with a need to have high availability and performance over the Internet.
  • You have Internet facing healthcare (or other) web applications and servers that handle high volumes of transactions where your business continuity depends on the availability and performance of these applications.
  • Your network has multiple tiers, with transport (HTTP/S), envelope (e.g., SOAP), security (e.g., WS*) and business payload (e.g., X12/HL7) level processing handled by different layers, and reliable operation requires making sure that all these layers are functioning properly on an end-to-end basis.
  • Your systems need to comply with regulatory requirements for system availability and real-time response as seen by your trading partners.

Internet-based access can fail due to a host of reasons. With SureVigil® service, you can now easily monitor and take proactive actions to correct such failures to ensure continuity of operations.

Requirements for availability and uptime in Health Insurance, Healthcare or Public Health are quite unique and are driven by several standards. SureVigil® service can specifically monitor your uptime towards meeting these standards.